15 best mobile games 2018

Mobile gaming continues to grow, and therefore on Android and iOS constantly come out with new games. We have made a selection of such news on both popular platforms. The list will appeal to fans of simple “killer” time, and rabid fans of mobile shooters, online battles, action games, racing and other pleasures.

Bigfoot Monster Hunter

The game presents a mixture of shooter and the popular genre of survival-horror. The gamer assumes the role of hunter Sasquatch (Bigfoot) and is sent into a creepy forest to catch a legendary monster. In the Arsenal player double-barrelled gun, trap, hidden, camera, flare gun, bait and a bunch of usefulness for a true “survivalist”.

To hunt down the monster is not so simple, and when that happens, the cherished prey have yet to fill up and not die. The game offers three difficulty levels, and if the gamer happens to pass easy level, he will be hunting more serious. If you want a hardcore, Bigfoot Monster Hunter is for you.


SkidStorm — isometric arcade game with a single career and a wild multiplayer. The gamer controls a miniature machinery in hazardous and difficult tracks, where you have a lot to drift and beat the opponents in the last seconds of the track. Despite its arcade, SkidStorm seen realistic physics and nearly real behavior of the racing car in drifts. Add to this energetic music during the races, dozens of steep slopes, 17 models of cars and get a recipe for an excellent racing game.

Hero Academy 2

Hero Academy 2 — hell blend of CCG, strategy, chess (suddenly!) and RPG with cartoon graphics and intricate fantasy story. The player is required to build a deck of unique units and abilities. Also, you should choose the main hero and go clean the faces of the other gamers to multiplayer duels or in unexpectedly difficult story campaign.


Onraid a kick — ass 2D shooter with dozens of unique heroes and a ton of weapons. Gamers are available a variety of locations and modes: PVP, team fights one-on-one and team-by-team, classic hold the points and capture the crystals. If you like classic shoot ’em up projects on a PC, Onraid something that is necessary for hard 2D action on the smartphone.

Knife Hit

t Before us is a representative of arcade gaming, where the player requires concentration and reaction speed. The task of the gamer to throw knives in different circles, but with one condition — none of the knife must not fall into the other. By description it’s simple as two fingers on a gamepad, but worth a try yourself and make sure it is apparent ease. Knife Hit is not for wimps.

Hide Online

Hide Online is increasingly popular genre of Prop Hunt. Here we have to hunt other players who are capable of becoming literally any piece of furniture or decor. Either to become a victim and hide from the hunters, turning in the chair, a wardrobe, a bin, a sofa, a computer and other things. Hide Online not boast the graphics and done in a casually-cartoon style, but it is only plays into the hands of such action, and stresses the absurdity and silliness of developers.


RedRed — fifty stylish puzzles for fans to strain your brain and kill time for the benefit of the convolutions. The game is made in a minimalist design and painted using two colours — red and black.


After a series of cell clones and plagiarisms, the official port of the mega popular game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds in the genre “battle Royal”, made it to smartphones. The new project appears to be the same game, only the gamers. Have a map of 8 by 8 kilometers, where people put their 100 gamers. In only one will survive. However, for Grifoni have to pay, so for a comfortable game needs a smartphone with at least 3 gigabytes of RAM. 2 GB RAM will be frequent, but not critical brakes.

PUBG MOBILE developed on Unreal Engine 4, so I got the detailed graphics, great optimization and awesome sound. Will not go away a huge Arsenal of weapons ranged and melee, and also equally impressive fleet of vehicles.

Helix Jump

Helix Jump — another fresh arcade time killer on our list. The whole gameplay of this addictive game literally revolves around a spiral descent and a ball. Gamers need to hold the ball in between the depressions of the maze and pull it as low as possible. Control is done by one finger, and simple gameplay carries on the clock. Their records for completing levels can be shared online or to compare with other gamers. Download and try it yourself.

Geometry Defense 2

This game is made in the genre of Tower Defense. And to somehow stand out among dozens of similar projects, the creators of Geometry Defense 2 added here neon retro style, striking images of the towers and units, atmospheric music and a host of intriguing levels. This presentation deserves at least a simple review.

“Friday the 13th: killer puzzle”

In the new popular horror game “Friday the 13th: killer puzzle” the gamer plays the role of the famous serial killer Jason Vorhese. The player will find victims and kill them in a sophisticated way, in hundreds of different locations with the use of dozens of weapons.

Driving Zone 2

Driving Zone 2 is not a simple arkunou gnocco, but a real game for fans of cars and driving. The player will have to ride on roads with realistic traffic jams and congestion, follow traffic rules, watch out for mirrors and just enjoy the road.

For those who like to drive in the Driving Zone 2 will also be something to make money, but be prepared for frequent escapes from the police, accidents, and other delights. The game has realistic physics, nice graphics and atmospheric soundtracks road.

Fishing Strike

As projects of the genre Tower Defense, simulator fishing, to put it mildly, tired. But Fishing Strike is not just another game in this direction, and a fishing simulator of a new generation. The project stands out realistic graphics, accurate technology catching sea creatures and underwater survey for exploration of fish. Gamers available its team of anglers for a fun gaming and also own an aquarium where you can collect up to 500 species of fish caught.


Crazy arcade survival-horror! These words come to mind when starting Granny. Of the player holds in a scary house a creepy grandma-raisers. Hence the need to flee, but this is not easy — the old woman has excellent hearing and a keen eye, so you should try not to make noise and to hide in any convenient location. Atmospheric music and gloomy Grifoni present.

“Human evolution Clicker Game of Life”

Fresh project is reminiscent of the once popular game on PC Spore is a God game where the player has created life and used for their sick (or not) imagination and dedicated developers tools. In the game “Human Evolution Clicker Game of Life” from the gamer requires almost the same: to create and develop life on their planet, display and breed new species of animals, plants, creatures, and other creatures.

But the main task of such indulgence with genetics — the creation of a fearless people, and then and powerful cyborgs. Don’t ask me where logic here, just try it.

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