10 best shooters for Android and iOS

Made a compilation of the 10 best shooters for Android and iOS. The author is not true in the first instance. And a list does not mean that in addition to the games listed on there aren’t any other good shooters on smartphones. If you have a favorite shooters on Android and iOS and they are not included in this material, feel free to write the name of the game in the comments. But don’t forget to try out the shooters, which we are told. And if you already played in something from the list, please share your impressions in the same review.


Respawnables — carbon monoxide is a third person shooter with cartoon graphics and playful fighting. In stock mater Arsenal of weapons, different classes of fighters with special features, costumes, skins, upgrades and other cosmetic things. The project stands out as simple control (aim-assist), lots of modes and lots of maps.


Mobile Fortnite — official transfer of the megapopular game in the “battle Royal” only for Apple gadgets. You can play it if you have iPhone 6s/SE or newer device, and the iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad 2017 or newer. The game works, starting with iOS 11. On older models of Apple’s smartphone project launches (e.g. iPhone 5s), but crashes on the splash screen.

In addition to the new platform, it’s the same Fortnite — stylish cartoon graphics, 100 people on one map, lots of weapons, hiding places and resources to create stairs, walkways, buildings and other things. In the end there is only one. Dilute the monotonous gameplay themed events from developers and the free provision of bonuses for daily logins.


About this game we wrote in a material “15 new mobile games, which you should pay attention”. Look, maybe you missed it, and the soul asks for new toys to your smartphone.

As in the case of Fortnite, PUBG MOBILE is the official port of the computer game in the genre of battle royale called PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds. We have all the same field of battle on a hundred men, where the living is only one winner. Plus, PUBG MOBILE gamers available machines and various equipment, to move faster around the map. And yet there is a realistic and cool graphics on Unreal Engine 4. In addition to devices on iOS, the project is available on Android gadgets. However, for an adequate game need a device with 3 GB RAM and more.

Garena Free Fire

Another representative of the genre “battle Royal”, which gathered around itself a large army of fans until he came PUBG MOBILE. Garena Free Fire has the same gameplay, similar realistic graphics, interface, combat system and the in-game store with cosmetic Goodies. But in one battle then converge not 100, but 50 gamers.

Besides, the game is not as demanding on hardware as PUBG MOBILE, so will appeal to players with a budget or old smartphones. For fans of communication and teamwork there are groups and guilds.


SHADOWGUN: DeadZone is one of the first mobile online shooters. The project was released in late 2012, and still will give odds to competitors in graphics, combat system, controls and the gaming community in a few million people.

SHADOWGUN: DeadZone is similar to a mobile mix of Halo and DOOM and does not spare the newbies. Feature of the project was its cross — platform- local maps converge players iOS and Android, and SHADOWGUN: DeadZone allows them to crush each other despite the difference in operating systems.

Shooter of War

Shooter of War — mobile Chinese clone of the popular cooperative shooter Overwatch. Despite a hard copy of the offspring of Blizzard, the project encouraged the colorful graphics in the style of the original, excellent optimization, a variety of characters, modes and maps. If you’re not above blatant copies, and to play Overwatch on the smartphone all you want, Shooter of War fits perfectly. The game quickly addictive, easy to learn by beginners and runs on almost any smartphone.

Guns of Boom

Another killer cartoon first person shooter on our list. Guns of Boom attracts an abundance of weapons, skins and combat equipment. And the main thing that all this is free and no donation. But for the impatient here of course is the play store.

Guns of Boom is easy to learn, has a mode of automatic fire and its database of tutorial videos that make the players themselves. Locations in the game are small, but they are many and they are different. Like in CS: GO, guns of the enemy after his death, to be enjoyed while won’t kill you, so one battle will be able to try out a couple of new guns.

Modern Strike Online

Great analogy Counter-Strike Global Offensive on smartphones. Modern Strike Online has supplied cool graphics, great optimization, familiar with the maps and modes with CS: GO. The developers have not forgotten about a good Arsenal of weapons, leveling and skins in the game store.

The game got easy-to-learn controls, so there are a lot of newcomers and inadequate pupils. And yet, in Modern Strike Online worth playing if only for the atmosphere of the Counter-Strike, but only on the smartphone.

Blitz Brigade

Bright, cartoonish and crazy Blitz Brigade — mobile and unofficial copy are not less insane Team Fortress 2 on the PC. Available classes medic, sniper, Demoman and heavy. Each hero their skills, guns and gear. Players available combat technique (tank, helicopter, and robot), which complicates the gameplay and make it diverse.

Don’t forget about the numerous maps, modes and built-in shop for cosmetic upgrades. Fans of slaughter and insanely fun games recommended for passage.

World War Heroes

This project can be safely called the mobile Call of Duty about world war II. World War Heroes gives the classic gameplay of first-person shooter. Here the player will land in Normandy, to take Berlin and visit the other hot areas of that terrible war with Germany.

Gamers are available the solo mode with capture site or a classic team Deathmatch, where you have to kill as many enemy units. For masochists and fans of the ARMA features realistic battle. It is possible to a long crawl to a convenient point of attack and in the end of the road running into a stray enemy bullet.

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